Gabe Delahaye

Dear You Guys,

My name is Gabe. I am a writer and comedian living in Los Angeles, California, the greatest city on Earth. I used to be the Senior Editor of, but I'm not anymore. I also write other stuff, and sometimes I make videos with my friend Max. We call ourselves Gabe & Max, which is admittedly a bit on the nose but what are you going to do? When I'm not at the Farmer's Market or The Grove (or the Farmer's Market at The Grove) I am either on stage telling jokes, or at home watching Netflix Instant jk I am just at home watching Netflix Instant. Anyway, this is my homepage. Thx 4 the add!




News: Just What The World Needs, Another Jewish Comedian Blog

For those of you who are familiar with my life’s work, please do not be alarmed: I’m still putting in long hours trying to burn the Internet to the ground. It’s an e-garbage iDump and it must be stopped! “But, Gabe, how can you burn the Internet to the ground when you are launching a whole new website?” Come on, man, you have to destroy things from the inside! Didn’t you ever hear that? Or have you not spent enough time around terribly misguided people with horrible ideas about how you destroy things?

Mostly, this is just a long overdue centralized location for people to be able to find me if they want to do that for some reason. I’ve written a bunch of stuff in a few different places and it’s kind of weird that I haven’t had this website until now but now I have it. Cool story! I wish it was longer! As far as this post is concerned (because let’s see just HOW self-referential and navel-gazey we can get RIGHT AWAY) I’m just trying to put SOMETHING up on the website so it doesn’t look weird. You’re welcome. Better let everyone on GoodReads know you just had a real good read. As you know, there is nothing worse than a website that looks weird. It’s so embarrassing! Everyone teases you on Twitter!

OK! Welcome to it. More later. And then less later, if all goes according to plan. (The plan being the total dissolution of the Internet.)