What Matters

Well, the “cat” is out of the “bag” where here “cat” is “internet diary” and “bag” is “now Clown Coffee knows about my internet diary.” It is going to be very hard to write things about him but I have overcome greater obstacles including, but not limited to, disease.

But now for something about people who really matter, celebrities:


THE catfight between Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan is back on. The teen queens declared their undying hatred for each other after they simultaneously dated Aaron Carter, but at last Friday’s Z100 Jingle Ball, Duff took the feud up a notch when she got her boyfriend to make Lohan’s little brother cry. Lohan, at the concert to introduce Destiny’s Child, was with her brother Cody, 8, Cody’s pal (also 8), her sister Ali, 10, and her mother, Dina. “Cody and his friend love Good Charlotte, who were playing, and they really wanted an autograph from the band,” our source reports. But when the boys and a Universal publicist knocked on the dressing room door, there was Duff sitting on the lap of Good Charlotte band member Joel Madden, whom she’s dating. Told that one boy was Lohan’s brother, Duff whispered to Madden, who snapped: “Get me your mother!” When Dina got to the dressing room, Madden told her: “Until your daughter publicly apologizes to [Hilary], you’re not getting any autographs!” According to our spy, “Cody started crying, he was so upset. Dina was just appalled.” A rep for Lohan declined comment. A rep for Duff said, “Hilary was not even near Joel’s dressing room all night.”
(New York Post)

This simply proves that the only thing suckier than Good Charlotte’s music is their personality. Come on, Good Charlotte, he is 8 years old. You are 9. Be a “man”. When the relationship sours, though, and Good Charlotte thinks that Hilary Duff is a slut and a jerk, he’s going to start sending everyone in Lohan’s family all kinds of autographs. That will show Duff. She will be so shown.

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