I’m Worker #3116, Bitch!

In the grand tradition of me pointing out how I was the first to totally hate the fuck out of something, I’d like to just say that I’ve always known references to the Chapelle Show were lame and in poor taste, even if it was a super funny sketch, even if you totally “smell” what “Chappelle” is “cooking”. Somehow, I even hated Chappelle Show references more than, say, The Simpsons references, or the oft-heard ‘s famous Mr. Show quotes, because people who referenced Chappelle Show somehow thought they were better than people who referenced other shows. Like they were black, or something. But all you bitches will now realize how right I was, when I tell you that last Sunday at brunch MY STEPFATHER was heard to say “I’m Rick James,” about A THOUSAND times. Not only does this prove how lame Chappelle Show references are, but notice how MY STEPFATHER dropped the exclamatory, “Bitch!” from the end of his reference. Your comedy, despite its edgy use of profanity for emphasis, is still funny to white men in their fifties, who feel it is totally appropriate to cite your comedy at a family meal.

Stop it, everyone 18-34. Stop it right now.

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