Divine Wind Are Moved Our Mind Deeply

ã??ã??Everyone is impressed by letters written by Kamikaze pilot. Ican’t keep back my tears to read them. They joined to the Special Attack Mission and died purely to defend their country and people they love.
ã??ã??At that time,officially their letters were censored by troops to keep the military secret. They left their mind in letters,otherwise their limited conditions.
ã??ã??There were rumor that U.S troops would punish people strictlywho had data concerned with Kamikaze Special Attack mission afterfinishing the war. So people threw letters and articles left by thedeceased into the fire. But, in spite of the situation which people were dangerous, some people secreted and kept those things very carefully. Thanks to their courage and love, we can read their letters and are moved our mind deeply.
ã??ã??I quote those precious last letters home from reference books. Please read letters. I would like to add letters in the meaning of mourning for Kamikazes.

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