corporate3116: Meet Me on the Ragball Diamond at 3, I’m Going to Kick the Shit Out of You!

This one time, and maybe I told this story before, but everyone in my fourth grade class was teasing me and so I stopped playing ragball or whatever we were playing and started walking back to the school and these two known bullies walked up to me and were like “why you crying?” “what’s the matter, crybaby?” and I told them to leave me alone and they didn’t so I punched one of them in the mouth and then ran to the teacher and told her that the kids tried to hit me so I had to hit them back, and they both had to sit out for the rest of recess, mostly because they were black so OF COURSE they had tried to hit me, at least that’s what I think the teacher thought. One of the bullies, Greg, moved to a different school soon after that, but he was back in my Junior High and he came up to me one day and was like “didn’t you go to Elementary School” and I was like “No, I went to Blah Blah School” and he gave me a look and walked away. But the reason that I’m telling you all of this is that had I only had a computer with the internet I could have simply i.m.’ed those guys when I got home and said something like “you are black and no one likes you and it will be a lot easier for me to get a job when we get older and even if you do get a job it won’t pay as well as mine, and even if you get rich and famous just the simple act of hailing a cab will prove difficult because NEVER EVER EVER will this country repair its racial divide, a divide of which, my dear bullies, you are on the WRONG SIDE. So who’s the bully now motherfuckers?” Beep boop bip. Send!

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