Last night I watched this French movie called Irreversible and made the mistake of deciding that ice cream was just what I needed, right before the totally awesome “I guess I do do anal after all” rape scene that is the movie’s selling point.

The movie’s main conceit is that everything happens backwards, so that you see the inevitable chain of events reravelling, so-to-speak. It starts with some lives destroyed and then you figure out how that happened and what they were before, but this also means that while the movie starts with a nauseating tour of chaotic violence, it ends with two people being in love. So the whole thrust of evil in the film is eventually undone, at least somewhat, by this return to the golden days of that afternoon.

Okay, wait, ha ha ha, I forgot…um, right after it sort of ends on this false high note there is a minute long sequence in which the screen just flashes white and black really rapidly with some droning noise in the background so that even if you weren’t epileptic before the movie you become epileptic at the end. True: my cat started crying during this scene. Not true, but almost true: I chewed off my own tongue and choked on it.

Anyhow, if I were the California Raisins, which I am, I would say “Irreversible, check it out!”

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