Single Handedly Doing The Work Clear Channel Refuses To Do

This morning on Howard Stern this guy called in and talked about his love for call girls and he was saying that he is very turned on by their pleasure and that he really tries to treat them like human beings. Dude, that’s what wives are for. If you are renting a hotel room by the quarter hour, chances are there is very little that is “human” about your relationship. Then Howard asked if he used a dental dam or some saran wrap when he was making sure these “humans” were satisfied and the guy insisted that it was very difficult to get AIDS from oral sex. “But you could get the mouth herps,” Howard reminded him. “Howard, you cannot live your life in a bubble,” the man replied.

Also, Howard Stern mentioned this morning. Do you remember this awesome comedy website from when we were froshes in college, back in 1962. What wonders is he going to discover next? Google?

In more Howard Stern news, he indicated that the reason Beyonce doesn’t have to lipsynch during her shows the way Britney does is because she is black. So then this guy calls in and does a fake black accent asking how Howard could say such a thing and Howard said “okay, well, first of all, you’re white,” and the guy got real quiet and said “I know.”

Radio! What an invention!

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