I, Like Madonna, Have My Very Own Yoga Instructor And Difficulties Communicating With My Father

The one thing that I like best about celebrities is their ability, at times, to be just like us! They’re like us if we starred in movies and had a lot of money and then lost it all by buying houses that were too big, doing cocaine and marijuana cigarettes too much, and letting our “money manager” invest in his cousin’s doomed-from-the-start pirate-themed Chinese restaurant.

Yes, and celebrities occasionally hold grudges and then bring them up years after everyone else has forgotten about them, just like my ex-girlfriend.

For example, as reported in today’s New York Post, Pony Boy had this to say:

If it came to a rumble between original “Karate Kid” star Ralph Macchio and “The Next Karate Kid” leading lady Hilary Swank, Macchio foresees a crushing defeat for himself. “I have no doubt she can kick my butt.” The diminutive actor says he’d stand little chance of escaping Swank’s kung fu grip: “She has serious fighting skills and is surprisingly large. Hilary dresses in a way that hides how big she really is.”

Wow, didn’t see that one coming over the past ten years!! You don’t pull any punches, do you Ralph, until everyone has turned their back and moved on with their life and pursued second and even third careers and had and lost love and then WHAMMO! You’re right there, waiting with some carefully, VERY CAREFULLY, chosen words.


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