Dude, All You Own Is A Gym

There is this story on the news.

A fitness trainer and former model has swapped his six-pack for a paunch – in a bid to understand his overweight gym clients.

Paul ‘PJ’ James, whose buff body once graced the Milan catwalk, is now halfway to reaching his goal of weighing 20st following a bizarre New Year’s resolution.

Having started from a healthy 12 and a half stone, he has already reached 15 and a half stone.
(Daily Mail)

I will accept that the metric system probably makes more sense, even if it’s only for the simple fact that everyone in the world uses it except USA (#1), but this stone shit is just ridiculous. You only need to know someone’s weight in stone if you are trying to drown them, and even then it will/won’t matter if they are a witch (which is why you are drowning in the 1st place). But TO THE STORY.

Um, this is a successful PR stunt. It got picked up in a newspaper and is now making its way around the internet. But, dude, all you own is a gym. That is so much work to get the world out about your gym. You need to keep things in perspective. If you were trying to p-mote your blog then MAYBE, but this just does not seem worth it. YOU HAD A SIX-PACK! ULTIMATE!

Stupid thumbhead.

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