Toby Young Hate Me (But Mostly Hate Max)

Oh great:

“It is unclear why the producers chose Mr Young whose main claim to fame is f***ing over Graydon Carter, being an EPIC FAIL and who maintains an entirely deserved reputation as a self-serving whiny drunk pissant,” wrote Joshua David Stein on Gawker, a New York gossip site. “My friend Gabe deftly pointed out he is like Simon Cowell without the talent or hair,” wrote Max Silvestri, a New York comedian. “But I think he’s like the lady from The Weakest Link but with a more feminine physique.” Comments like this — comparing me unfavourably to other British television personalities who’ve crossed the Atlantic — popped up all over the internet, mainly from outraged fans. But the most wounding insults were hurled by American restaurant critics, no doubt furious that they hadn’t been asked to appear on the show themselves. “A horror” was the verdict of Adam Platt, the distinguished food critic of New York magazine, who dismissed me as a “bald-headed Londoner” guilty of delivering “forced bon mots”.
(Toby Young, writing in The Spectator)

Now I’m going to have to throw out all my old business cards because they don’t say “Professional Success” on them.

SIDEBAR: how come every post I’ve written since my “return” has been tagged “assholes”? Riddle me that, 2009.

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