Kelly Clarkson, More Like Kelly ClarksDUMB

This makes me so mad for some reason:

Her life will suck without me? Like suck bad? No, suck a lollipop? Her life will suck a lollipop without me? Ouch. Ouch my brain. It’s like the worst mixed metaphor because it’s not even a metaphor. It’s just lazy. “This word means two things.” That was the meeting they had about this. “What’s a word that means two things, but one of those things could involve candy.” (Extended edition.) And then the double-worst part also is how SHE DIDN’T EVEN THINK OF THIS HERSELF. A team of clowns was needed to push this through. The president of the record company was like “Are we sure that teenagers respond well to double-entendres,” and the marketing VP was like “oh my God, you’re so right. I just noticed that there were two meanings here. Haha.” Kelly Clarkson meanwhile was like “my sweatpants are warm,” and they handed her 250,000 dollars and told her to wait outside in the car.


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