A Square Peg Shoved In An Adult Hole (Nullus)

For whatever reason, I was googling around googletown, and I looked up this website. Lame. Did you know that next year they’re pre-empting the Academy Awards for a program called the Lamies and I’m winning Lifetime Achievement? Anyway, whatever, you don’t judge me, I judge you. More importantly, I judge google’s pigeonholing categorization of this website.

Excuse me? What was that?

There is plenty of stuff for an entire family over here. Your entire family could laugh for a year on the jokes this site provides (no, and also fart, and also kill me). I do like the idea of a machine at google HQ reading my online-diary carefully and deciding that it’s simply not appropriate for younger readers. But I don’t appreciate it, google. This is not adult humor. If it was adult humor it would be much more successful. I would own two pairs of pants. What am I even talking about anymore. Oh, I saw this on the internet and it was weird. BLOGGG.

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