Worker #3116 Has Still Got It

I got a Facebook friend request the other day, but it seemed a little too good to be true.

I am hot that why she add me. Sure. That why all the girls are add me. But I don’t know, it just seemed like we wouldn’t really have anything in common. SEEMED. PAST TENSE. Because one look at her profile and I knew we would have a true love connection.

It’s not often that you find a girl who love exercise you, has her own home based business baby, all music she like, whose favorite TV show is Tila Tequila, and who has read The Art of the Wars. If any of my friends are reading this, don’t expect to see too much of me for awhile. I’m going to be hanging out with Nancy (Nancy?) and her friends. They are cool. COOLER THAN YOU:

You have no idea how many jello shots that guy can put away. I do. It’s 23. We’re total buds. Let’s just say this, I wouldn’t kick him out of a Hot Tub Elimination Ceremony [LINK] (nullus). I think you’re going to really hit it off the with the dude on the right.

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