Hey, What’s Up With corporatecasual.gabedelahaye.com

OK, this is lame.

But it has been so silent around here that I felt I must BLOG.

As you all know and don’t seem to care, I am now writing full time over at http://www.videogum.com. I would kindly ask that you add it to your e-bookmarks and send it to your mom. She will love it. Actually forget you, just send your mom.

Eventually, it is my hope to either figure out how to manage my time in such a way as to keep this website alive IN CONCORDANCE with a full-time online diarying career, or get hit by a boat at a air and water show. If the latter happens, the prophecy will be proven true. So far I’ve not been good at either writing here, or getting killed by an amazing boat, but both have been added to my goals notebook.


Lame. I am so dumb. UNSUBSCRIBE.

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