50 Cent Has More Than 21 Questions

So, I signed up for 50 Cent’s tumblr today, obviously. You can’t get into some of the important areas (forum) without being registered. DONE. But I ran into some trouble on the registration page.

Sure. But REQUIRED FIELD? I’m pretty sure this is only so that 50 Cent can decide if he wants to fuck you or not, and I’m sure that 50 Cent does not want to fuck me (although i cannot say the same of all the [link]bloggers[link].) Gross, 50 Cent.

OK, yes. This explains the required nature of the relationship status field.

Not fair. There’s no check box for “Triple Threat.” Also, what if I’m both a professional, AND just chillin. It’s called work-life balance. Look it up.

Also: http://www.videogum.com.

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