April Fool’s Day Pranks Gone Wrong

Linda M. put cellophane over the toilet seat in the bathroom and waited outside the bathroom door for four and a half hours, barely containing her laughter in anticipation of the frustrated screams. Linda M. lives alone.

Colin R. let the air out of his friend’s tires and then told him that his mother was in the hospital, and he had to get down there right away. His friend’s mother was in the hospital, and it was April 9th.

Pete K. baked a cake for his friend using salt instead of sugar. His friend thanked him for the cake, but was very full from lunch. He never ended up eating any of the cake, and threw the whole thing away without taking a bite. Pete K. is not very good in the kitchen, and the hilarious cake took him many hours to make.

Sarah created a fake MySpace profile of a handsome young man named Matthew, and used the profile to send flirtatious, romantic messages to her best friend Bethany. Over time, Sarah realized she was not faking the messages, but actually had deep, sexual feelings towards her friend. Her new life as a lesbian would lead to an irreparable rift with her conservative family, and make things with Bethany really uncomfortable.

Jeremy S. punched his friend Brandon in the face and yelled “APRIL FOOL’S DAY, DUDE!” Years later, Brandon would sleep with Jeremy S.’s wife.

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