No Spam Here

I just got a spam email that had something to do with growing your business and/or penis, and it had this at the end:

This message is sent in compliance of the new email Bill HR 1910.
Under Bill HR 1910 passed by the 106th US Congress on May 24, 1999,
this message cannot be considered Spam as long as we include the
way to be removed.

Whoa, my bad. Not a spam, guys. Just a thoughtful email from a well-wisher. You know, now that I know how to remove myself from this list, I’m suddenly much more interested in what this guy/machine has to say. It’s like, I’m in charge, you know? I can choose to have myself removed from the list, but maybe I don’t want to just yet. Maybe I want to order 1,000 pills/penny stocks.

Good work, Congress/computers. Back to work boners that will pleaz herrrr 4 daZ.

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