This Is Some Strong Wheat Grass For Your Mind Muscles

As someone who only lifts diamond chandeliers on filaments of platinum while wearing gym shorts made out of hand-tamped gold leaf with ruby and emerald trim (no shirt, of course) and quenching my POWER thirst with baby-protein infused angel-tear smoothies, this article about homemade gyms in Haiti was shocking to me:

Technique is one thing that does not change based on the neighborhood ??? even though the free weights at the Temple of Pain are made from the lead from car batteries, and people have to stand on a chrome fender salvaged from a wrecked car to reach the pull-up bar.

All around the site, which used to be a rat-infested garbage dump before Harres Désiré, a local bodybuilder, cleaned it up, are bits and pieces of salvaged metal that have been forged into machines that do the work of the ones Gold???s purchases at a premium from Cybex International, an American manufacturer of treadmills, steppers, cross-trainers and other exercise machines.
(New York Times)

That is x-treme guys. This is a picture from the Times:

(New York Times)

Poverty is weird. OK, I’m off to whale on my savings account and pound a couple of liquified cash energy shots. TO THE EGREGIOUS ECONOMIC DISPARITY MAXXXXXX.

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