How Expressions Are Born

I was researching the origins of the popular gambling expression, “baby needs a new pair of shoes.” This is what followed:

worker3116: and found this on a board
worker3116: Could someone please tell me the origin and meaning of this phrase or point out where I may find them? I first heard it in one episode of Star Trek The Next Genearation and then again in Robert De Niro’s film A Bronx Tale.
Thanks in advance for your help.
worker3116: Star Trek the Next Generation
worker3116: haha
lindsayism: hahahahaha
lindsayism: like the origin is hard to discern?
worker3116: do you know it?
worker3116: the origin?
lindsayism: not movie wise, but as a phrase, it’s not hard to determine how it originated.
worker3116: ok, determine it
lindsayism: it’s not like ‘down to brass tacks’
lindsayism: someone was gambling
lindsayism: who had a baby
worker3116: don’t be ridiculous
lindsayism: who needed new shoes
worker3116: are you joking?
worker3116: please tell me you’re joking
lindsayism: I’m saying why does this lady care, it’s not very mysterious
worker3116: ok, you’re not joking
lindsayism: I don’t know the pop culture origin but there doesn’t necessarily have to be one
worker3116: that’s a really facile
worker3116: reading
lindsayism: no, I mean
lindsayism: yeah, it makes esne
lindsayism: like I really like finding these out
lindsayism: about phrases
lindsayism: but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t come from somewhere
worker3116: i was trying to figure out where it came from
lindsayism: but in this case it’s not really very mysterious, it’s just a joke
worker3116: just like the stupid lady
worker3116: but that’s so stupid
worker3116: you don’t KNOW that it didn’t come from somewehre
worker3116: how can you just dismiss it as a joke?
worker3116: do you know that it’s jsut a joke?
worker3116: that evryone adopted?
worker3116: or was it actually written in the script of a movie? or was it something that sailors used to say…i mean, you’re being so dismissive
lindsayism: I’m not
lindsayism: you are a dork
worker3116: ok, so please prove to me
worker3116: that it is just a jooke
worker3116: that doesn’t come from anywhere
worker3116: that everyone is born with in their heads
lindsayism: I’m not saying stop investigating
worker3116: no, you are saying “why investigate, it’s just a joke”
worker3116: “everyone gets it”
lindsayism: I’m saying that that lady might be dumb
worker3116: but i foudn that lady
worker3116: by doing the same thing
lindsayism: I don’t care about this anymore
worker3116: investigating
worker3116: i do
lindsayism: that’s good
worker3116: i’m actually genuinely confused
lindsayism: care away!
worker3116: as to why
worker3116: you are so dismissive of the origins of this phrase
lindsayism: you’re not understanding me
lindsayism: luckily it’s not important!
worker3116: it is important
worker3116: here is what you said: “not movie wise, but as a phrase, it’s not hard to determine how it originated.”
worker3116: but you haven’t determinated how it originated
lindsayism: I’m saying that unlike most phrases that people wonder about the origins, this one’s origins are pretty easy to figure out.
worker3116: HOW?
worker3116: i am actually getting really frustrated
worker3116: WHO?
lindsayism: some guy
worker3116: no
lindsayism: hahaha
worker3116: i mean, that’s not totally impossible
worker3116: but without any investigation
worker3116: you’re just saying
lindsayism: this is such a stupid fight
worker3116: that that is what happened
worker3116: which is weird
worker3116: you are being weird
lindsayism: yes, but I am not investigating. you are.
lindsayism: you are being weird!
worker3116: no, i’ mnot
worker3116: you are saying that you know the answer to something
lindsayism: Okay so we’re seriously arguing
worker3116: and inssiting that you know it
worker3116: and you don’t
worker3116: so i don’t get it
lindsayism: about my lack of curiosity about the origins of the phrase “baby needs a new pair of shoes.”
worker3116: it’s fine to say “maybe it just originated this way”
worker3116: but you are saying that it DID originate that wya
lindsayism: I’m not the one who cares!
worker3116: but youa re the one who seesm so convinced
worker3116: of their knowledge
lindsayism: no, I don’t know how it originated
worker3116: ok
worker3116: fine
lindsayism: nor do I care
lindsayism: it’s NOT MYSTERIOUS
worker3116: IT IS
lindsayism: because it’s EASY TO GUESS
lindsayism: not to someone who DOES NOT CARE
worker3116: it’s fine not to care
worker3116: i am not saing it’s important to care
worker3116: i’m saying it’s important to not just say “why would you care, obviouslysomeone just said it”
worker3116: you are fabricating things
worker3116: and producing them as fact
lindsayism: hahaha
lindsayism: yes, in such a hallowed place as an im with my friend.
worker3116: HEY
may as well be the front page of the times!
worker3116: drop dead
lindsayism: go jump in a lack
lindsayism: lake
worker3116: hahahaa
worker3116: hahahahhahaha
lindsayism: shut up
worker3116: well, there is one expression whose origins
are known
worker3116: which is “go jump in a lack.”
worker3116: i know where that came from
worker3116: and it’s retarded
lindsayism: hahaha

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