10,000 B.C. 2: The Lost World

The young warrior wended his way through the trees in darkness, spear at the ready. The previous day’s mastadon hunt had left him muscles weary, but his mind was alert, and he knew that great prey, enough to feed his vast tribe, was within reach. His thoughts darted momentarily to the beautiful female who awaited him back amongst the tribe. Her long dark hair captivated him in some way he did not fully understand. He swatted at a large insect that had nested in his hair, and returned his focus to the task at hand.

Legends abounded that somewhere in this dense jungle he would find the fabled beast, and were he to slay it, he would be recognized as the most fearsome warrior that had ever lived. Fire would be invented and named after him. Caves would be adorned with his image. No one had accompanied him on this journey. He endeavored to kill this monster alone.

Up ahead, in a clearing, stood some kind of shelter, much more advanced than anything he had seen. Smoke rose up from its canopy, and he could see light like the sun coming out through magical holes in the strange cave’s walls. It was not a cave, though, for it stood on its own, and it confused him. Caves did not confuse him.

As he approached, walking quietly, careful to disturb nothing underfoot, he found the mouth of the not cave opened, and stepped inside. The floor was made of stone, and yet was soft, and the walls were smooth. Ahead of him, he could see some kind of berth, and movement inside. He raised his spear and now moved more quickly to secure the kill.

A noise ushered forth from the crib. “Not the mama!”

Tonight he would feast on Dinosaur meat.

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