Title: Movin’
Tagline: “Death, Taxes, and Movin’!”
Starring: Joe Pesci
Robin Williams
and Dane Cook
Plot: Two aging widowers find themselves unable to live in their memory-filled apartments in the Italian streets of their native Brooklyn (with some dynamic character work from Mr. Williams as Giussepe Pepperoni), so they decide to move together….TO FLORIDA! After a harrowing week on the road where they meet a number of crazy characters and have one boating accident and also flip their car over in the woods and then drive it offf a cliff (whoops!) and also do some skydiving and end up at a frat party where they don’t belong but it gets wild, the two men arrive at Sunnyglade Farms, an active community for vibrant seniors. But they realize their trouble has only just begun when they meet Sunnyglade Farms’ manager, Biff Dudester (Dane Cook). He’s sasssy and a real sassafrass with so much sass and he sasses them all the time, but eventually the two old men teach him that he doesn’t know everything just yet, and also they fall in love with the same old lady and fight over that and one of them dies.

Also, I’m moving. Suuuuucks.

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