Ritalin Readings Now in New Place Guys

Ritalin Readings: Thursday, November 1st (NEW VENUE)

Ritalin Readings is back, and will now occur every month at The Slipper Room (nullus). Next week’s show:

Thursday, November 1st
8pm, $5

Hosted by Lindsay Robertson and myself, produced by Jon Friedman

* Michelle Collins (Best Week Ever)

* Sloane Crosley (Author of the upcoming book of humor essays, I Was Told There’d Be Cake)

* Seth Herzog (Comedian, Vh1, Host of the weekly comedy show “Sweet”)

* Erik Kraft (Author, Miracle Wimp)

* Nick Poppy (Filmmaker, Zombie American and American Cookbook)

* Adam Wade (Comedian; Comedy Central)

And a new short funny film by Jon Friedman

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