What to Bring in Case of the Apocalypse

[Lenny Travitz let the plumbers into Apartment #3116 today. He called with a concern.]

Lenny Travitz: Hey, the plumbers are here. Do you have money to pay for this?
Worker #3116: Oh…the landlord should pay for that. Weird. No.
Lenny Travitz: OK, well I can just put it on my credit card and you can pay me back later.
Worker #3116: OK. Yeah, sorry. I don’t have any money lying around.
Lenny Travitz: Goddamnit, where is your gold? Where is your “go bag”?
Worker #3116: Travitz, you know that my go bag only contains a Nintendo GameBoy DS Lite…
Lenny Travitz: haha
Worker #3116: and a life-generating jar of peanut butter.

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