Lenny Travitz Is Not Raven

After avoiding Facebook for many moons because at the age of 45, a lot of the appeal of being able to network with people from high school and college on the internet is replaced by the appeal of alcohol and napping, I finally succumbed just because I wanted Lindsayism to shut up. Here is my impression of Lindsayism:

“Join Facebook, I will never shut up.”

Great. That was a fun story. But the point is that there is a lot to admire about Lenny Travitz, not least of which is his now famous Sex and the City femslash self-insertion fan fic, which blew minds harder than Miranda and Samantha blew Trevor.

Lenny Travitz lasted longer than I did (nullus) in refusing to join Facebook, claiming that as long as Mike Jones and Pimp C continued to reference MySpace in their raps, what did he need Facebook for? He agreed to join Facebook only if it was dropped by a Texas rapper.

Then there was this, from Bun B off the new UGK:

I ain’t got that time to waste, punch your mouth and knock out the taste
You MySpacin and Facebookin, playin games with them toys
I’m in the streets where gangstas meet, while you’re online with them boys

Maybe not a ringing endorsement, but a namedrop nonetheless. And so now Lenny Travitz is a member of Facebook. So true to his word. I just like a man (nullus) who lives by a code. Congratulations, Lenny Travitz, on proving your worth through your internet social networking decisions (total DHV spike).

RELATED: Here is a Facebook group for you to join instead of trying to friend request me. Because let’s be real. I am not your friend, but I am your colleague in pointing out what is and what is not Raven: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4204707771

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