Should We Go Outside? Should We Break Some “Bread”?

Last night at Brunch Club Nights I was describing to the team a move that I’d been thinking about all day which is not quite an arm-bar, but more of an arm-lock combined with a break. Basically, you do a gakun grab at the wrist, lock out the elbow, and then smash down on it with your knee.

Ti-1000 was very disappointed in me for thinking about this move, which he described as “crazy,” and “seriously, dude, too much.” But this move seemed like so much fun, and FUN IS NEVER WRONG.

Obviously, when I got home, I was in the mood for only one thing, and that is an endless sequence of Tony Jaa smashing clowns. And of course, what do I see?

How can you argue with that, Ti-1000? You can try, but it’s going to end with me resting my case from beside your hospital bed.

I’ve posted this clip before, but since you need to see it at least once every four months, here you go. SEE YOU IN NOVEMBER.

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