Best of the Best Show

I’m not the first to notice this, but the world can be a stupid and horrible place, despite the hard work of George W. Bush to fix it. And I’m also not the first to notice that there remains one thing that is consistently not stupid and horrible, but actually great, and that is The Best Show on WFMU. If you know me personally, I have undoubtedly told you to stop talking to me and go listen to this show. It is available as a podcast on iTunes, and you can listen to it live in the New York area on Tuesday nights from 8pm-11pm.

Of course, it can feel like a big investment to get into this show, because it is three hours long and especially because the farther back into the archives you listen, the more you’ll enjoy the current episodes, as Tom does lots of coded references and buried call backs. There are hundreds of hours of this show that you need to listen to. Sometimes people are hesitant to make such an investment, and some people will just ignore my constant enthusiastic recommendation throughout entire tenure of our friendship until they hear Patton Oswalt in some bullshit interview say that he likes the Best Show and suddenly she will subscribe to the podcast and join the Friends of Tom Facebook group. A big fuck you to all of my friends whose name ends in “ism.”

The point of all this is that I was recommending the show once again to another friend of mine and she asked me where she should start and I wasn’t really sure, because there is so much great stuff. But then I remembered the episode from last fall (November 28, 2006, to be exact), which I believe to be the perfect Best Show episode. If you’re already a fan of the show, then I’m sure we could have lots of fights about what is the best, but this episode perfectly encapsulates the spirit and humor of what is basically my favorite thing in the world.


Enjoy this brief moment of earnest enthusiasm for something that I truly love. I’m sure I’ll have some uneducated joke about pizza bagels up your butt tomorrow.

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