Vocational Disease*

Some days ago, my jaw seceded the front.

In the scream of the body, the ear you have been ashamed by your being able to tilt.

When training starting from there was a pain.

Goal, when it is simply to participate and to win and you think training that the æ?? [te] it was.

However, because the fact that it wins with new record is goal, being the conference close, you could not discontinue training.

Until the conference ends with, from calling, we want withstanding!

So, while praying, while and others obtaining pain densely, it continued training, but finally you stopped the life of your own jaw by your.

The jaw opens just a little only anymore.

Opening the mouth, as for there is no pain, to finger one amount.

Being painful, you do not open above that.

As for diagnosis gnathal arthropathy.

If it tries reviewing, when from about two years ago, you yawn, because the jaw may come off had becoming, you had been patient big yawn directly.

Long time strength training, becoming big stress in the jaw, it is to be accumulated.

And this time, the return battle eye.

In order to recover completely from the shock, it raised feeling, until now it trained high intensity it is not.

It is and it exceeds allowance load of the result and the jaw it seems that in the [tsu] coming.

As for the gnathal arthropathy for the hood fighter, if you refer to the baseball, kind of those where the pitcher breaks down the elbow.

Speaking honestly, the finishing the fact that it makes cure almost is desperate circumstance to the conference July 4th.

Say, not to be story of the conference of [neisanzu], the serious problem which relates to also future activity.

It is the fatal wound.

In order to cure, repose and long-term remedy are necessary.

When condition above this is advanced in stage ahead, also the kind of situation which relates to player life the head the [gi] [ri] it increases.

If originally, it is the expectation which feeling has knocked down rather.

However, feeling is maintained still once strongly.

Is compared to the shock which if the mother the dying/fleeing [ku] is done, the extent which does not become problem small thing to put out, before dying, because you look at the fighting illness of the mother whose several days is splendid this is.

It means that the mother has supported.

In other words, still, it is to be the feeling which would like to participate in the [neisanzu] conference.

Like this if it becomes, now as for value of victory of the conference, all victories to six winning successively as for becoming something which together, does not serve it is secure. (Already by this predicament, those which are not visible until now have been visible)

Perhaps, when it does, therefore predicament perhaps very we would like to participate.
(Depending upon the method of thinking the professional, as a professional perhaps, lowest selection but)

Winning, self-confidence and true honor inserting in the hand,


It is to like to become pride of the mother.

For that, while being in Japan, it is necessary to take as much as possible necessary measures vis-a-vis the gnathal arthropathy.

Temporarily, Monday has coming from Tottori to the teacher of [kairopurakuteikusu] which has been relied on in evening of the hospital and that day, to Wednesday makes remedy has become.

Being lowest, it is to like to keep having to the place where you can open the jaw which you do not open.

Because you open simply, with, with the tournament there is no meaning, it is necessary to try to be opened quickly.

Because it is troublesome breakdown, we want many items of information in any case, is.

Because in the gnathal arthropathy more detailed one, it is good with any small information, please teach.
Because (it is participation prerequisite, without we ask to with repose)

It is short, when the person who is the experience which is cured at period is, it is grateful truly truly, is.

Doing the sufficient thing preparing for participation, even then when it is unreasonable, there is no manner.

Please lend power to me.

*Written by Competitive Eating Champion Takeru Kobayshi, translated by Gooogle, discovered by Hamtram.

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