Who Has/Is the Hottest Burger?

There is a girl at my gym who has been declared “the hot girl,” because Ti-1000, Hamtram, Lenny Travitz, and I have all brought her up separately at some point in a fashion much like this:

“There was this girl at the gym today doing these stretches–”
“–Oh, the hot girl?”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“Fuuuuuuuuck. Does she have to do that in public?”

She’s kind of trashy. OK, she’s very trashy, but also hot. Hotttt Ttttrash. She looks like this:

That’s actually a picture of her doing sit ups. She dates one of the personal trainers. He looks like this:

That is a picture of him taking a break.

Anyway, I’ve always wondered what they talk about, and last night she came up to him while he was sitting on a weight bench, so I pretended to look for a better song on my iPod while in real life I was SPYKIDSING! So good:

Meat Trainer: You know that place we got burgers on 2nd Ave.? Remember? The place on 2nd Ave. With the big burger? The big burger!
Jersey Spice: Um…yeah.
Meat Trainer: I don’t like it. There’s this other place over on 10th, they got a good burger. I like their burger.
Jersey Spice:
Meat Trainer: It’s good.


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