In Case You Missed It, and You Probably Missed It

Dear Lindsay,

This is [redacted]. You really hurt my feelings when you wore the exact same outfit as me tonight, when I totally told you I was going to wear this outfit, and not to wear the same outfit, because it would hurt my feelings, and then you wore the same outfit, and it hurt my feelings. Iâ??m really hurt that you hurt my feelings and that you wore the same outfit.

It also hurt my feelings when I told you that I wanted you and me to cut our fingers and perform a blood pact on stage tonight. Because you and me are good friends and stuff and I thought that if we mixed our blood on stage and promised never to get AIDS that we would form a magical bond of friendship against AIDS. But when I told you this you said you did not want to do a blood pact with me because you thought that maybe if we did that you would get AIDS. Lindsay, I donâ??t have AIDS, and it hurts my feelings that you wore the same outfit as me that I told you not to wear and also that you think I have AIDS.

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