Web 2.fart

So, I was doing what I do, and I ended up on fart.com. At first I was disappointed by fart.com’s interface, and seeming waste of a totally great web address, but I had to admit that their useful “Sections” directory had everything you could want:

Fart Store? Check.
Fart Question?? Check.
Magic? Check.

Then of course I was delighted to scroll down the page and find a number of wonderful farting gifts that I could give my loved ones. Farting George W. Bush Doll, CLASSIC.

Then I found this:

There’s no denying that it would be HILARIOUS for someone to UNKNOWINGLY drive around with an “I Love Porn” sticker on their bumper. hahahah lol :) And I’m not going to stand in the way of a great “I Am a Fat Pig” joke. (Although, can we address the fact that these are magnets? If you’re going to play a prank, play a fucking prank.)

That third sticker, though. That one is really comedy gold, because there is nothing funnier than when you’re driving behind someone and you realize they are gay, and that they aren’t ashamed of it! How embarrassing for them! Oooh, the best though would be to play this prank on someone and then when they get out of their car, you and your buddies hate crime them. Barrel of laughs.


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