Life Is Beautiful

[Darkpony is taking a weekly figure drawing class. It costs six dollars.]

Darkpony: I have a theory. If you had to pose nude–
Worker #3116: Which would never happen.
Darkpony: If you HAD to.
Worker #3116: Um…
Darkpony: It’s life or death.
Worker #3116: You mean, like, the Nazis have taken over America and forced me to pose nude for their drawing class?
Darkpony: Yes!
Worker #3116: Okay.
Darkpony: If you had to pose nude–
Worker #3116: For a Nazi drawing class–
Darkpony: –for a Nazi drawing class, for three hours, don’t you think you’d eventually get an erection?
Worker #3116: No.
Darkpony: What?! Yes you would.
Worker #3116: No, I wouldn’t.
Darkpony: How would you not get an erection?
Worker #3116: I think the overwhelming presence of Nazis with the threat of death would kind of put a damper on my arousal.
Darkpony: I don’t know. I think you would.
IAmJamieSabuda: I would.

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