I Can’t Believe I’m Still Single

Ladies, I love everything about you. When you get older you really come into your own and you have gross bodies but you don’t even care and stuff. I will fuck you in the bathroom. Here I am, I’m so great, what’s the deal? I just want to get married to a lady, but she has to be 25 years old and want babies in 74 months to 88 months. THAT IS MY TIMELINE MAYBE YOU NEED TO LOOK AT YOURSELF FOR WHAT IS THE MATTER. One time I will talk to you on the subway or anywhere, I don’t care. Beautiful women I’m always talking to. We talk about what’s wrong with us. That is as real as it gets. THIS IS CALLED REAL LIFE. What the thing is, men know what they want and you need to look in the mirror and WAKE UP. Don’t hate men because they don’t want to harvest babies from your body until they are ready. That is so obvious.

Here’s another thing, what is up with all the crying?

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