Bush Is Still Standin Here Screamin Fuck Tha Free World!

The noise level in the chamber seemed more muted, as Democrats exercised their new majority by sitting on their hands and staying off their feet during many applause lines. Republicans, who had promised to be “boisterous” to make up for their diminished numbers, greeted Mr. Bush with a series of “hoĆ¢??s!”
(New York Times)

You and I serve our country/
in a time of great consequence/
During this session of Congress/
we have the duty/
to reform domestic programs/
vital to our country/
we have the opportunity/
to save millions of lives abroad/
from a terrible disease/
We will work for a prosperity that is broadly shared/
and we will answer/
every danger and every enemy/
that threatens the American people.

In all these days of promise and days of reckoning/
we can be confident/
In a whirlwind of change/
and hope and peril/
our faith is sure/our resolve is firm/
and our union is strong/

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