It’s Thursday, You Ain’t Got No Job, You Ain’t Got Shit to Do

Last weekend Ti-1000 and Lenny Travitz were basically bragging about how they had spent the whole day watching Ghostbusters in Spanish and then Ti-1000 pointed out “we weren’t even high.” But that’s the thing, this was not unusual behavior for them, and they don’t smoke weed, so that got me thinking how if they started it would probably improve their lives. Set up. And now the punchline of some examples:

“Oh man, last night I got totally baked and finally broke the six minute mile.”

“Dude, do you want to just smoke down tonight and finish some early returns on our taxes?”

“I’ve got some killer munchies. HAHAHAHAHHAHHA. Let’s get a salad with the dressing on the siiiiiide.”

“Don’t bogart the dictionary, dude, I’m highlighting all the words I don’t already know.”

“Put on Harold and Kumar Go to the National Geographic Channel.”

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