Developing Controversy

sinbad weighs in on the kramer controversy
worker3116: oh man
i screenshot that this morning
bootsUK: yeah, totally!
worker3116: so hilarious
who cares, sinbad?
bootsUK: ihahahahahaha
haha, who cares, houseguest?
ok, i have to go
internet cafe time is running out

bootsUK: so i didn’t realize that sinbad had been at the club where kramer had been performing
worker3116: doing what?
serving drinks?
washing dishes
of course
bootsUK: being a fugitive from the mob and having to pretend he was a houseguest at the late phil hartman’s comedy club
worker3116: then maybe he shouldn’t have voiced his important opinion on this hot-button issue
i wish sinbad had been in Nuns on the Run
bootsUK: mobsters read
i want to imagine mobsters with blackberry’s watching streaming video of sinbad on
worker3116: mobsters subscribe to the rss feed
bootsUK: this is the 21st century
mob 3.0

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