Cute Friday

Worker #3116: This guy I knew back in [redacted] actually had a pretty good idea for a business. Like, you know how everyone loves puppies? It’s called Perpetual Puppy, and basically the company would deliver a puppy to your house, and then when it got too old would come back and replace it with a new puppy. Also: Constant Kitten.
Bobro: That is a good idea, but what do you do with the puppies that get sent back.
Worker #3116: Shoot them. Shoot them in the head.
Worker #3116: The day they stop being a puppy.
Bobro: It seems like a really wasteful company.
Worker #3116:
Bobro: But a great service!
Worker #3116: Oh sure, criticize us while you enjoy what we provide.
Bobro: No, it just seems wasteful. All those dogs.
Worker #3116: No, we bury them. We shoot them and then we bury them. They return to the Earth.
Worker #3116: They become dirt. Dirt and bullet.

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