Lenny Bruce Is Still Dead

Um, did you see this?

“Pataki Pardons Lenny Bruce Posthumously”
(taken from the New York Times)

Was it that slow of a news day in Albany or what?

I mean, if this isn’t just a pandering ploy to garner media attention, if it is an honest to God apology, then Mr. Pataki could at least have granted Mr. Bruce a “fucking” pardon, posthumously. Give the man the honors he deserves.

“‘I truly believe my father’s soul can rest in peace with this,’ Kitty Bruce said at the time.”
Are you sure, Kitty? Do you think that your father’s soul gives a shit? Honestly? Honestly? You are a liar, Kitty, and a whore.

This whole thing is just fucking depressing. No one in the whole article even uses the word cunt. Poor Lenny, you failed, you failed miserably, you fucking cunt.

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