i.e. Poorly


Killer Whale 2: You posted a MySpace bulletin.
Killer Whale 1: I posted a MySpace bulletin.
Killer Whale 2: Oh, snap.
Killer Whale 1: It was like, it was like “Big Blue is a skank-ass nigga. He cries when he cums. He will wear your clothes while you are out of the apartment, and when you come home all of your panties will be all stretched out.”
Killer Whale 2:
Killer Whale 1: Oh gurrl, why you lookin at me like that?
Killer Whale 2: You retarded.
Killer Whale 1: I called his moms, too. I called his moms, I think I woke her up, I called her and was like your son is busted. He got a busted face. And she was like “Who this?” And I’m like CLICK.

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