MTV: Celebrating 25 Years Minus 15 Years


First of all: JEREMY?! This is like saying: 100 years of cinema, from “Birth of a Nation” to “Reality Bites”.

Second of all: how does this continuum make any sense? It’s not alphabetical and it’s also not chronological. There have been an additional 15 years of interesting, ground-breaking videos since fucking “Jeremy.” That whole jump-cut, chalk-writing on blood colored walls thing was annoying and old before it even began. What, no angel wings? No rain falling from the ceiling into a claw-footed bath tub? And you call this a music video?

I am willing to accept “Thriller,” even though it aired a year into MTV’s existence, because it’s a good song and the video itself was the first to really utilize the full production quality of a Hollywood movie as we’ve come to expect today. It also capitalizes on zombies, which remain relevant. But surely Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry or Mike Mills or Stephane Sednaoui or Hype Williams or Chris Robinson or Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Ferris or any of a million other video directors have had way more influence on the shaping of MTV as a front-runner of modern visual culture.

Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe “Jeremy” is the pinnacle of awesomeness. Maybe it’s all been downhill regressive redundancy since then.

Nope, I’m right, sucks.

P.S. Eddie Vedder, nice slimming corduroy jacket. Where’d you get that? Express?

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