Enron Jury Jokes

All text and images from the New York Times:

Throughout the trial, the jurors showed a remarkable solidarity. On Valentine’s Day, most of them wore red; during Mardi Gras they came to court donning colorful beads.

Also of note: Court Spirit day, and the bi-weekly ”pyjama-jammy-jam” Thursdays.

For the jurors, the four months were an extraordinary period of personal sacrifice. Mr. Delgado [a principal] said he struggled to keep his focus on school matters with only one day a week â?? Fridays â?? to be at school when the case was not in session.

“We’ve cried together, we’ve laughed together and we really, really became more than just friends,” he said.

Looks like we’ll probably have a few “miscarriages of justice” in the coming months, hey eight ladies of the jury?

The jury was provided by cartoonist Bill Plympton, who couldn’t help but have a little bit of fun during some of the more tedious testimony by having the guy in yellow’s face morph into a revenous hamburger that began eating itself.

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