Discovery Channel: Still Missing the Point of TV

On “Cash Cab,” a Discovery Channel reality game show, people plop themselves into the back of a seemingly normal, yellow van taxi. But then lights on the ceiling begin flashing and the driver turns around to inform the passengers they’re on television.

En route to the contestant’s destination, comedian Ben Bailey asks general knowledge questions worth $25, $50 and $100. Get three questions wrong, though, and you’re out — on the street, even in the pouring rain, wherever you are.

Hi, Discovery Channel, we already have a TV show where people get asked questions by a cabbie while riding around. It’s called “Taxi Cab Confessions,” and it has a lot of real live fingerbanging of number ones and twos. Does your show have fingerbanging? Okay, riddle me this: why would I want to hear puzzling questions about sharks or John Steinbeck when I can hear puzzling questions about clit piercings and whether or not a prostitute has ever had to sell a baby on the black market?

ENH. You lose. As always. Call me when you Discover sex shows.

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