Kitty Porn

As anyone with any experience looking at pornography can tell you, sometimes you see something so mind blowingly hilarious (KABOO-LOL-OOOM!) that you can’t keep it to yourself. Like when Worker #3116 used to work at Convenience Store and entreprenurial magazine distributors would send us titles that we didn’t even carry, just to see if we’d change our mind, and one day Jason Prince found a picture in Hawk magazine of a naked girl sitting spread eagle eating beans from a can with a plastic spoon. People need to see this. It needs to be out there.

But as you get older, social norms make it more and more difficult to share in these treasures. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen something while trying to jack it that has made me laugh out loud. I cannot tell you because polite society and the LIBERAL MEDIA are doing everything in their power TO KEEP YOU FROM THE TRUTH. But finally, I’ve found something that even the New York Times and MICHAEL MOORE can’t keep me from sharing with you.

Okay, now that I’ve built it up it’s not even going to be that funny. But it’s definitely going to be NSFW.


I showed this to McCullen and he asked if I had noticed it while I was “using” the video, with the obvious implication that only a faggot would be able to take his eyes off these stunning babes giving it to each other. But I carefully explained that it was impossible not to notice it because what this picture doesn’t show is when THE CAT JUMPED UP ON THE COUCH AND MADE ITSELF COMFORTABLE. I came instantly. So hot!

Move over reruns of the Chappelle Show, downloaded porn is in the ha-ha-hizouse.

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