It was late one crisp autumn night when all the children gathered in a tent in a backyard to tell stories. One of the children told the legend of Candyman. “If you repeat his name in front of a mirror three times, he will appear and he will eat all of your guts.” The children decided that this was the most frightful tale they had heard yet, and that they simply must try out the chant, no matter how frightened they got. All of them crowded into a bathroom, which must have been very large, because none of them were uncomfortable or squeezed in too tight. With the lights off, one child shouted “CANDYMAN!” Three of the children screamed in fright and ran out of the bathroom. The same child shouted “CANDYMAN!” again, and another group of children shuddered and went running. It was down to only four children. For the third time, the child shouted “CANDYMAN!” The noise of footsteps and a dripping faucet startled them. Although the lights were already out, it seemed to get darker in the room. One by one, they felt the air grow cold, and then screamed when a large, frozen hand touched upon their shoulders. It was the Candyman, the legend was real! The door would not budge, and the children cried for their mothers as the Candyman ate all of their guts. He hated this part of the legend, but it was what he did, and he had no choice about it. After he was done, he said a little prayer for the dead kids, and then he went wherever the Candyman goes when he’s done terrorizing you. Back in the mirror? No one knows.

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