So Much Crelling!

There was a lot of yelling last night.

I’ll give you the two main examples:

Stevil and I created a neologism: cramazing. It means “crazy amazing.” I like to say it in the sing-songy voice that one uses for ca-razy! Stevil likes to say it in the Oprah-Winfrey-Announces-Her-Annual-Giveaway-Show voice, which involves yelling. It sounds something like this: CRAMAZING! We also decide that the “crazy” cr- was our favorite prefix. As in, “you’re creautiful!”

Later I asked both Stevil and McCullen what superheroes they would be if they could be any superheroes in the world. McCullen said he wanted to be invisible and fly, which I said could not be done. He googled it and came back with Wonder Woman. Personally, I still don’t really think that an invisible jet counts as the power of invisibility. You can’t secretly sneak into a party or the girls’ locker-room in your invisible jet. (NOR the boys’ locker-room, McCullen). Then Stevil comes running out of his room all excited because he’s going to be Storm: Mistress of the Elements. So, both my roommates, given the full range of superheroism, pick two ladies. VERY INTERESTING, HOMOS! Anyway, the yelling comes in when McCullen drops into what can only be described as a “sexy-defensive” posture and goes: “Storm, create a diversion. LASSO OF TRUTH!”

When the yelling subsided we talked about how if you were Professor Xavier, with the ability to read and control minds, you could masturbate in your giant mind-room and have the entire world cum at the same time.

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