You Don’t Know Me

I like this part in the newish T.I. video for “You Don’t Know Me” where T.I. strikes the windshield of a car in a junkyard with a crowbar. It happens near the beginning and near the end. The reason I like it is because they cut away right before the crowbar actually hits the windshield, and the reason they cut away is because the man has Spaceham arms. You could wrap your fingers around his biceps, twice. Ha ha. Come on, T.I.. Stop it. He also flexes in the video. I’m honestly kind of confused because it doesn’t seem like he’s doing it with any irony, but considering that he’s a member of a cultural group that prides itself on animalistic musculature and fiercely misogynistic heterosexuality as defined by one’s physical and sexual prowess, what does he think he’s doing? It’s like John Leguizamo thinking he’s comparable to Brad Pitt or George Clooney and trying to vy for some sexy leading man role.

This morning I forgoeded my writing time to create MEGABASS Is Megaback! The Spring 2005 Monster Mix. Too bad you’re out for Spring 2005, or maybe I’d let you hear it.

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