Carpe Don’t

Can I add that I don’t think anyone should say “You can sleep when you’re dead,” anymore? Can I add that? ANSWER MY QUESTION. But what I’m saying is that this is stupid. You actually can’t sleep when you’re dead, first of all, and second of all, this is never said in order to motivate someone to do something cool. It’s never like, “Oh, you want to stay home and improve a skill? That’s cool! You can sleep when you’re dead, stay up all night and do it!” No, it’s like, “Come on man, I’m tired of drinking alone, let’s go get plastered on a Tuesday night and play video picture find until we get kicked out! You can sleep when you’re dead, but video picture find is only for the living, brah!” or “Let’s stay up until dawn and get totally plastered and vomit on each other and have a near-gay experience that we’re not sure how to mentally process afterwards! We can sleep when we’re dead, but we can only almost uncomfortably sleep together while we’re alive!”

I don’t know, I’m losing the thread of my point, but my point is that don’t say this.

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