Say It Ain’t Sohan

I was watching Lohan’s new video yesterday (and incidentally, videomakers, if you want me to believe that Lohan is “rocking out” in her garage, it better be a five car garage filled with Italian sports-cars and maybe some plasma screen TVs, because otherwise, no, je ne believe it pas. Oh, and actually the whole Smashing Pumpkins “1979″ theme of rebellious adolescence is sort of difficult to accept from someone who’s been home-schooled and whose friendships consist mostly of mochaccinos and women who are paid to open her mail.) and I was overcome with some honestly heartfelt concern for the young teen queen. Her entire career/personality/success is built on being a preternaturally beautiful teenager. Can she sing or act? Who knows? Who cares? That’s really beside the point. But not for long. Eventually, and I suspect sooner rather than later, people are going to grow tired of Lohan, and as she ages her looks are going to mature (I avoid saying fade because she really is quite striking, but old is old is old) and I do not think that Lohan has the emotional fortitude or the intellectual wherewithal to deal with the natural aging process. She’s already a terribly insecure bitch, and that’s when she’s on top of the world. Imagine the slide into the abyss of fraud-fearsome talentless middle-age!!

But I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. No use worrying about something I have no control over, like the slow but inevitable decay of Lohan’s body.

I canâ??t live without you
Canâ??t breathe without you
Iâ??m dreamin’ bout you
Honestly, tell me that itâ??s over
Cause if the world is spinning and Iâ??m still living
It won’t be right if were not in it together
Tell me that it’s over
And Iâ??ll be the first to go, yeah, Iâ??ll be the first to go
Donâ??t want to be the last to know (over, over, over)

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