Gabe Delahaye

Dear You Guys,

My name is Gabe. I am a writer and comedian living in Los Angeles, California, the greatest city on Earth. I used to be the Senior Editor of, but I'm not anymore. I also write other stuff, and sometimes I make videos with my friend Max. We call ourselves Gabe & Max, which is admittedly a bit on the nose but what are you going to do? When I'm not at the Farmer's Market or The Grove (or the Farmer's Market at The Grove) I am either on stage telling jokes, or at home watching Netflix Instant jk I am just at home watching Netflix Instant. Anyway, this is my homepage. Thx 4 the add!




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Gabe and Max
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Gabe’s Vlog
Gabriel Delahaye Takes a Picture of Himself Every Day
Real Estate – “Easy”
Hospitality – “Friends of Friends”


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